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Why is my potted camellia's branches dying off

plant is about 8 years old in a large pot about 25% of branches starting to die off with leaves not a bright green & facing in a downward position new buds not opening up just falling to the ground can you please help me save my beautiful Camellia bush

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Hi Brian,

How disappointing after having your camellia for 8 years, the branches are now starting to die off. I first thought it may have been a drainage problem, but your camellia is in a pot, so the drainage should be excellent. Just in case the holes in the pot may have become blocked, could you check to see that the holes are free of blockage. If the soil has become too wet, the roots of the plant will be saturated. This will cause lack of oxygen around the roots of the plant, and this could be the problem. There is a Yates product called AntiRot which is a systemic fungicide. It might be worthwhile purchasing this product and spraying the foliage of the camellia. Once the product is absorbed by the leaves it then travels down to the roots boosting the plants self defence mechanisms, and giving it the ability to prevent disease from taking hold.



Answered: 11 Sep, 2012

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