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What coloured flowers would you recommend to plant under my stardard roses?

I am not sure whether to plant annuals as i cant find a really pretty perennial to go under our standards,our 6 year old is flower mad so i would love something quite hardy, to being picked a lot and also very pretty as the house is white with a merbau deck out the front and i am wanting the flowers to give bags of colour

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Hi Kirsti,

How lovely that your children are interested in gardening and taking care of your newly planted standard roses. Annuals would be the best choice as they are small and would not create any competition for your roses. Roses love a full sun position, well drained soil and plenty of air circulation around them. Black spot on the roses can be problem if humidity is allowed to built up around the plant. Normally just a good mulch on the ground around your roses is what they need. I can understand you wanting some extra colour, so I am sure under-planting with an annual such as viola or pansy would not cause any problems at all. Marigold Petite Yellow would also be suitable for the summer months. They are cheery little plants that I am sure your children would enjoy. Happy gardening.



Answered: 25 Jun, 2012

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