What are your times for Port Wine Magnolia trees

It is growing really well already 1.5m H after 1 year's growth. It only has the morning sun but is subject to a strong westerly wind in Winter. It likes me and I like it so I hope its root system will behave itself! I live in a unit complex so space is limited. Thanks for your help. Jan


02 April 2014 03:45 AM

Hi Janis,

Port wine magnolia is a beautifully, perfumed plant to have growing in your garden. It is a rather large shrub growing to about 3 metres in height. It doesn't have a particularly invasive root system but it would be wise to make sure there are no pipes located in the vicinity. I appreciate space is precious in and around unit complexes. Keep the shrub pruned on an annual basis and I am sure it will not pose a problem for you.

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