Looking for a flowering perennial vine

The position is west facing. So, the vine must be heat and drought tolerant. Summer sun is scorching in the afternoons and some evenings. Preferably the mature height of the vine be 2 m or so.


17 September 2020 12:40 PM


Thank you for contacting Yates. West-facing isn't ideal as the foliage can burn, provided it receives full sun for most of the day, you may like to try:

- Snail vine (Cochliasanthus caracalla)
- Mandevilla
- Bougainvillea
- Star Jasmine
- Orange Trumpet vine (Pyrostegia venusta)
- Wisteria
- Snake vine (Hibbertia scandens)
- Spring Jasmine (Jasminum polyanthum)
- Potato vine (Solanum jasminoides)

Happy gardening!

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