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How often should I feed my gardenia?

The leaves are yellowing and I am not sure what food is best for this plant which is about 1.2m high.

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Dear John,

It is not unusual for gardenias to have yellow leaves at this time of the year. They are traditionally heavy feeders and do need fertilising at this time of the year. An excellent product to use on your gardenias is called Acticote+Instant Booster for Roses & flowering Plants. This formulation provides a long-term balanced feeding solution that is rich in nitrogen and phosphorus to encourage healthy leaf growth and strong root development. It also has added potasium to encourage flowering as well as increasing disease resistance. Another product you might like to try is called Yates Dynamic Lifter Liquid Concentrate. It is a complete garden fertiliser containing fish emulsion, seaweed, Bio-Activ beneficial soil microbial technology that unlocks and releases nutrients to plants, fulvic acid to improve nuitrient uptake and a natural wetting agent. It can be applied every 1-2 weeks when plants are actively growing. You will find once you fertilise your gardenias, the leaves will soon green up as well as producing an abundance of flowers for you during the summer months.



Answered: 23 Oct, 2011

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