How do I care for my nectarines

I would like more information about caring and maintenance of nerines please.


10 January 2012 02:47 AM

Hi Barry,

Propagation of this plant is by bulb planted out in spring/summer before March with the long neck of the bulb just under or just above soil level. The white nerine have foliage which dies down during the late spring-early summer period. After planting the bulbs should be left undisturbed for several years. Nerines are also a great plant to grow in a tub or pot. Nerines are plants with strap-like leaves that die down before flowering commences and then regrow after flowering. In hot dry climates nerines must be planted in semi-shade but in your area, they can be planted out in full sun. Nerines require a well drained soil and a cool root system during the growing season. A mulch of lucerne hay or sugar can mulch would keep the root system cool. Nerines are a no-nonsense plant and needs little care other than planting them in the right location.

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