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How do I care for my cyclamens over summer when I live in Sydney?

The cyclamen has stopped flowering but is otherwise looking very good. It is in a shady position on a patio. The only information I have been able to find on the internet seems more relevant to northern hemisphere winters and refers to total die back during the summer season. Should I continue to water/feed during summer and if so how much? How does the plant behave in the Sydney climate - i know it does not have to be a "throw away" plant

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Hi Kendall,

You are quite right, your cyclamen doesn't have to be a 'throw away' plant. At the moment I am sure it is looking pretty healthy with lots of green leaves. As the weather begins to heat up your cyclamen will go into dormancy. The leaves will probably begin to droop and the plant will appear to be pretty dormant. There is no need to feed or give huge amounts of water. You already have your pot in a cool spot on your patio, so that is good. You can repot your plant at the end of summer into some fresh potting mix and your plant will grow new leaves and begin to flower for you.



Answered: 24 Sep, 2012

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