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How can I take cuttings from my camellia tree

I have a Magnificent 50yr old double pure white camellia. I am having to move and this plant has such sentimental value to me as it was a gift to my late Mum in 1960. Please, please can you explain how to take cuttings and make sure they grow. I would be devastated if I could not have a part of this beautiful tree in my new home which will have to be in a pot. Thank you very much and I do hope you can help me. Trish

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Hi Trish,

I can understand the bond you must have with this beautiful old camellia which belonged to your Mum. It would be lovely to strike a cutting to plant in the garden of your new home. Take several cuttings just in case one or two don't strike. I can't see any reason why you won't be successful as camellia cuttings strike readily. Cuttings are best taken from summer to early autumn but even if you take cuttings now it will still strike, it may just take a little longer. Take cuttings that are about 10 cm long from the tip. Trim off excess leaves down the stem, leaving about three to four at the top. Dip the base of the stem into some hormone powder or liquid to encourage root formation. I have attached a link which I hope you find helpful. Good luck. I am sure your cuttings will produce some beautiful plants for you.



Answered: 7 Jun, 2012

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