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Why are my roses wilting and dying

i have 4 roses gardens and have lost 4 rose bushes in the last month the problem starts of with the leaves fading to a lime green colour then they wilt the leaves then pinder up and die and then the stems start to go brown until eventually they die completely.they are watered well and when dug up the ground is damp.this happend last year aswell

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Hi Pauline,

Sorry to hear that your roses have died in the last couple of months. They are such a worthy plant to have in your garden and you certainly want to enjoy them. Lets go through a few things that roses need to do well. First of all, they need a full sun position. Good drainage is essential and the soil needs to have a good structure into which lots of organic has been added. It is really worthwhile spending time in preparing soil to ensure the ongoing health of your roses. Check the pH also as you may need to add lime if your soil is naturally acidic. Once your roses have established, regular feeding with a rose food in spring and autumn will be necessary. It is a little difficult to know what has caused your roses to die without seeing them, but it could be a number of things including poor drainage. As I mentioned earlier, drainage is so important. If the soil becomes waterlogged, your roses will suffer. I do hope you can plant out some roses and hopefully in the right situation, they will thrive.



Answered: 15 Apr, 2011

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