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Why are my Mini Murraya's turning yellow and spindly?

One by one, they have been turning yellow and spindly. This summer the pool was turned to chlorine from saltwater and the grandkids have been frequently using it with a lot of water spilling over the path next to the plants. Could this have something to do with their condition or do you have advice on another possible cause?

Flowers and Ornamentals • Physical Damage

Hi Brian,

It is more likely that it is the amount of water that is being dumped around the root system of the mini murrayas that is causing the problem. Most plants like to grow in a well drained position. If the root system becomes too wet, the plant is deprived of oxygen and it will begin to show signs of poor health. Now that the cooler weather is approaching, it's likely that the pool won't be used as much and the soil will have a chance to dry out. It might be worthwile putting in a ag pipe before next summer so the water is able to drain away adequately. I am sure your murrayas will survive, but you may have to nurse them along with regular applications of seaweed booster. Come spring, we would suggest fertilising them with an organic liquid fertiliser called Uplift. This is an excellent fertiliser that will certainly improve the healthy of your murrayas and keep them growing strongly.



Answered: 29 Mar, 2014

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