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New daisies not thriving since planted

Planted in premium potting mix with slow release granular fertiliser and added some liquid fertiliser about a week later. Have dead headed the flowers that have wilted or died. Located in victoria, watering every 2 -3 days, also think snails might be an issue but need expert help as I am at a loss. The photo attached is how a lot of them are looking.

Flowers and Ornamentals • Physical Damage

We recommend removing the flowers on the plant and also moving back some of the mulch so there is at least a 10cm ring around the base of the plant.

If snails were an issue, most of the leaves would have holes or be completely decimated. They look pretty healthy, which is a good sign the plant is in good health. 

The flowers look like they could be quite badly burnt - are they planted in a site exposed to the hot westerly sun? If so, we recommend erecting a shade cloth or similar to help protect the flowers.

In summer, to help protect plants from drought or moisture stress, spray the leaves with Yates DroughtShield. Click here for more information:




Answered: 1 Dec, 2020

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