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How do I treat my magnolia little gems that have spiders and the leaves are curling?

The Magnolias are 2metres high and have been planted for over 4 years . The one on the end in a protected area the leaves are starting to curl - there are spiders in webs in this tree also - the other trees seem fine and have flowered . The affected tree the new growth looks weak and the leaf is curled mostly . Am I watering it too much ? Is it affected by the spiders ? what can I do - I do not want to lose this plant. Thanks, Emma

Flowers and Ornamentals • Physical Damage

Hi Emma,

The tree does sound as if it is suffering from stress. If there is too much shade then the tree will not grow as healthily as the others. Before you next water check the soil moisture conditions by either using a moisture meter or digging down into the soil profile. Compare this soil to other areas where the trees are growing well. The soil may require a different amount of water - either more or less and ensure the water percolates the soil. If the tree is too shaded try and prune any surrounding trees or branches to provide more sun. To improve the health of the plant water in some Yates Dynamic Lifter Soil Improver & Plant Fertiliser which contains seaweed, fish, wetting agent and microbes which will help the plant take up the water and nutrients.



Answered: 20 Feb, 2012

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