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Why are the leaves on my nodding violets turning a pale green

I'm usually very careful not to overwater them but think I possibly gave them too much liquid when I fed them a couple of weeks ago, not sure though. They hang outside on a southerly facing verandah, get both a little morning and afternoon sun. They're still flowering profusely. I'd hate to lose them as these ones I grew myself from the mother plant, it still has dark green foliage and gets probably less sun. Many thanks, Jan

Flowers and Ornamentals • Pests

Hi Jan,

Sorry to hear that your nodding violets are looking poorly. They are such beautiful, delicate plants and just so giving with their little flowers. I am not sure, if you giving them too much water, would have caused any damage. I am presuming they are in hanging baskets, in which case, the soil should be well drained. Nodding voilets are often prone to attack from spider mites. These insects are so small, it is difficult to see them with the naked eye. If you have a magnifying glass, you might like to take a look just in case this pest is present. If they are present, you will need to control them. We would suggest using Yates Nature's Way Vegie & Herb Spray Concentrate. Spray every 5-7 days until pest infestation. I am sure with all the attention that you give your plants, your nodding voilets will respond favourably. When watering, check the moisture in the soil first before applying more water. To keep your plants strong, you might like to given them regular applications of a seaweed solution.



Answered: 6 May, 2014

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