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Why are the ends of my Cycad drying out and dying?

Cycad is 10 years + old. Been growing great. Then one year, when all the cycads in my garden start new growth, the fronds as they develop, they all seem to have dried edges and the whole plants looks sad. I have been feeding them with a weak seaweed solution every month. I have even re potted one to make sure drainage is not an issue.

Flowers and Ornamentals • Pests

Hi Geoff,

Thank you for sending the photo. The damage you are seeing is caused by the Cycad blue butterfly. The caterpillar from this butterfly, literally sheds the fronds of the cycad making a terribly mess of the foliage. We would suggest using a Yates product called Success Ultra. This product is registered for the control of caterpillars on ornamental plants. The rate is 5mls per 1 litre of water. Apply when pests are first seen. Spray on top and underneath the leaves every 7 - 14 days when this caterpillar is active. Early detection will prevent your cycad from being destroyed.



Answered: 7 Jun, 2013

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