Why are the edges of my African Violet leaves discoloured?

Saintpaulia has strange coloured edging on some leaves. I have grown AVs for 20 years, have 30 plus plants but never seen this. Could it be a deficiency in the soil? occasionally I see a trace of what I believe to be powdery mildew; how can I fix this problem please. See photo for edge discoloration. Thank you


03 November 2011 09:08 PM

Dear Shelley,

Thank you sending the photo of your african violet. It certainly does help. As you would know, it is not powdery mildew. I am wondering if it is cyclamen mite. You might like to look with a magnifying glass and see if these little mites could be present. They usually cause twisting and curling of the leaf but it is worth checking just in case. The rest of the leaves look quite healthy so it can't be a problem with over-watering or under-watering. If only a couple of the leaves are affected, it would be wise to remove them to avoid further damage.

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