Why are my camellia leaves turning yellow then brown then drop off?

Hi the yellowing of leaves starts at bottom then progresses upwards. Some Camellias have lost all of their leaves totally. Where can I send leaf for proper diagnosis if fungus. Also which fungus or treatment can I use as I have two dogs that run under the camellias. There are about 20 Camellias around 5 metres tall. Other Camellias have black powdery substance on the stems and branches which I can scrape off with my finger nail. Thank you for your much needed help before I loose them all. Jenny


17 October 2014 10:45 PM

Hi Jenny,

The camellia have lichen on the trunk which is normally not an issue. It tends to grow in more shaded areas. You can remove the lichen by lightly spraying the camellia in winter with lime sulphur at the lower rate. Fertilise regularly with Dynamic Lifter or Thrive for Flowers and Fruit. Apply mulch every few years but keep well away from the trunk.

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