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What is eating my Vinca and how can I control it

I have a lovely perennial vinca that has just started flowering, but something is eating the flowers as soon as they open. It seems to be during the day, and I have tried using snail pellets and pyrethrum spray, but neither has had any effect. I try not to use potent chemicals in the garden because of my animals, so was wondering what I might be able to do to eliminate whatever the pest may be.

Flowers and Ornamentals • Pests

Hi Amy,

Have you noticed any white cockatoos in the area? They like eating flowers and can cause quite serious damage. Caterpillars may also be present and you may see them during the early morning or late evening. If you do see signs of caterpillars then Yates Success Ultra or Dipel can be applied. Both these products are low hazard. Success is derived from a soil microorganism that is effective against caterpillars. Dipel contains bacillus which is a naturally occurring bacteria. Do you have rabbits or bandicoots - they also enjoy eating the flowers?



Answered: 11 Sep, 2012

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