Should i spray success ultra twice to get rid of beetles in by lillypilly hedge

Hi, i sprayed success ultra on my lilly pilly hedge to get rid of beetles. I used 5ml/litre. It seems to be working as I could see dead beetles on the ground. Should I spray it after a week again to be effective?


22 October 2020 04:05 PM

Yates Success Ultra is not registered to control beetles on lilly pillies (or any other plant) and therefore, we cannot guarantee it will be effective nor recommend you use it.


As we don't have any products in our range that are registered for this purpose, the best advice we can provide for control is to use a hand removal method. This is best done in the late afternoon when the beetles are not as fast moving. Get a bucket of soapy water handy place underneath the trees branches. Shake the branch to remove any of the beetles and drop them into the bucket of water. 

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