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How do I treat scale in my photinia hedge?

Have attached photo. This is a long hedge and approx. 5ft high. It also seems to have thinned out a lot over past few months, it has always been thick and lush. Would be most appreciative of any help provided. Many thanks Paula.

Flowers and Ornamentals • Pests

Hi Paula,

Scale is a sap sucking insect which can cause plants, when attacked by this pest, to lack lustre and look poorly. By the time you notice scale being on the plant, it has been there for a number of months. It is difficult to control once the scale has moved from its young juvenile stage to its more mature stage. The ideal time to control scale is when it is in its crawling stage (December/January). Even so, it would be wise to spray PestOil at this stage seeing there are quite a number of plants in the hedge that have been affected. You may need to apply several applications of PestOil to try and suffocate the scale. You could also prune back those branches with little or no foliage on them. Hopefully this will initiate some new growth and give your plants a new lease of life. Regular applications of seaweed solution will help to lessen the stress on the plants. Once spring arrives, fertilise your hedge with some Yates Yates Dynamic Lifter Soil Improver & Plant Fertiliser. Remember to spray again in summer with PestOil to prevent further attack.



Answered: 1 Jun, 2014

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