How do I treat black sooty mould and mealy bugs on my Alphonse Karr?

Hi There, I was hoping that you could assist with products to use to kill the fungus causing the mould and also the mealy bug which appears to have infested the plant. I have approximately 20 metres of bamboo about 4 metres high and its looking a little sad, but that could be winter as well.


13 July 2016 03:04 AM

Hi Michale,

Thank you for contacting us regarding Sooty Mould on bamboo, Sooty Mould is caused by sap-sucking insects in your case mealy bugs. The insects secrete a sugary substance that goes black with mould over time, hence its name. You may notice there are ants around, as they are also after the sugary substance. Once you control the mealy bugs the black Sooty Mould will disappear over time or you can wash off with soapy water. The product you need to apply is Yates PestOil . It's available in both a convenient ready to use spray and a concentrate form. Hope this helps and happy gardening. Best Regards, Louise Yates Horticulturalist

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