How do I get rid of caterpillars that are eating my fish pond plants?

I have recently place water plants in my fish ponds. Just recently I noticed one of the plants had been completely striped bare and found quite a number of caterpillars (black with white stripe down the body). I removed all that I could see then noticed tiny baby caterpillars everywhere, even in my pond filter. How do I get rid of them without hurting my fish?


20 October 2012 01:45 AM

Hi Diane,

It would be best to remove the plants from the pond and spray with Dipel. This product contains Bacillus which is a naturally occurring bacteria effective against caterpillars. It does not harm other insects, birds, fish or warm blooded animals. Dipel does not kill the caterpillars immediately however once the caterpillar eats treated foliage it stops feeding. The caterpillar may take 3-4 days to die.

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