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How can I stop the blue butterfly grub from eating the new growth on my cycads?

How can I prepaid for the moth next year. Where is the moth, grub, thing now? I had half of my cycads eaten before any growth took place. We must be able to kill the larvae in this dormant stage. Where is it hiding and as what is it hiding as? I brought this house because of the garden and this new moth is killing it.

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Hi Donald,

Although the cycad blue butterfly is a beautiful looking creature, it can certainly create havoc with the new foliage of cycads. To avoid having the new growth of your cycads decimated, you will need to check the emerging foliage for the newly laid eggs of this butterfly. They are pale green in colour and are laid singly on the newly emerging fronds. When you see these eggs, they should be removed immediately. To give further protection to the new fronds, you can spray with a product called Success Ultra. This product will specifically control the larvae of moths and butterflies. Continue to spray the cycads every 7-14 days and whenever this butterfly is active. Start spraying in spring to give your cycads the protection they need.



Answered: 1 Jan, 2013

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