CHOKO vine has been growing wild since September. Fruiting Oct and Nov but 80% of fruit is stung.

We live Tin Can Bay Qld. It doesn't usually bear this time of year. Should I cut it back?


24 November 2020 03:54 PM

Hi Robyn,

Thank you for contacting Yates. 

Yes, you can prune the vine heavily and new growth will reappear soon. 

If the pests are fruit flies, try to control with 'Yates Nature's Way Fruit Fly Control (Spinosad insecticide derived from a naturally occurring bacteria)'. The product works by tricking the insect into feeding on the spinosad-insecticide by luring it with an irresistible bait. Click here for more info on this product:
Hope this helps and happy gardening :)

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