Why is my pittostrom hedge going yellow I need your help

The yellowing seems to start from the bottom. The whole hedge has now developed the same thing.


28 October 2019 07:42 AM

Dear Liz,

Without a great deal more information, I would say your pittosporum hedge is suffering with a nutrient imbalance. The ability of the roots to take up plant nutrients is decreased if the soil is too wet, and the proportion of nutrients available may be changed. Perhaps you could look at the frequency of your watering and check to see that drainage is adequate. I would also check the pH of the soil. As the pH increases,and the soil becomes more alkaline, iron may become less unavailable to the plant which will show up as yellowing in the leaves. Applying a product such as Yates Acitone, you will be supplying the plant with nitrogen, iron and sulphur which are often deficient in soils. Once the plant's health improves, a controlled slow release fertiliser, Acticote+Instant Booster can be used to make sure the plant continues to thrive. Good luck in taking care of your pittosporums
From your friends at Yates Gardening

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