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Why are the leaves of my Murraya Min-a-Min pale and speckled?

We bought a house with a small young Min-a-Min hedge by the pool. I have since added new plants to extend the hedge. Recently noticed little bugs eating the new shoots and immediately sprayed with paraffin based spray. Some of the plants have paler speckled leaves. Could this be from the soil being too salty, the bugs or is it something else?

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Hi Susannah,

It is difficult to know what is affecting your mini Murraya hedge. Speckled leaves could indicate a nutrient deficiency. It could also indicate damage from a sap sucking insect or spider mite damage. I don't think the amount of water that has been splashed on your plants would affect them in any way. Even though it is a salt water pool, the percentage of salt in that water would not be enough to do damage to your plants. I think it is more likely to be spider mite that is doing the damage. Spider Mite can be controlled with Yates Nature's Way Vegie & Herb Spray Concentrate. If the damage continues, by all means send us a photo or take a sample down to your local nursery for identification.



Answered: 3 Sep, 2012

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