What are you trips for pruning daisies

My daisies are a bit bushy and checking the net I found that need to be pruned regularly. At the moment there are plenty of flowers. Should I prune them now?


20 August 2011 11:42 PM

Dear Fernando,

Daisies (Argyrantheums) main flowering time is spring and again in autumn. If your daisies are in need of a good prune to maintain their shape, you could prune them after they have finished flowering at the end spring, or wait until their autumn flowering finishes and then prune them then. It is normal practice to prune after flowering to keep the bush looking compact and to encourage prolific flowering for the following season. Apply a slow release fertiliser such as Yates Thrive Roses and Flowers Natural Pelletised Plant Food in spring and autumn to keep your daisies in good health.

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