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How do I strike Duranta Sheenas Gold

I live in the bush and I already have a couple of mature shrubs and wish to strike my own as I would like to grow a very long hedge. Many thanks, Lee

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Dear Lee,

At this time of year you can take some semi-hardwood cuttings from your existing hedge. Take some cuttings about 6-10cm long and around 4-8mm in diameter cutting horizontally just below a node on the stem. Make sure the cuttings come from healthy stock. Remove most of the leaves on each cutting leaving about 3 healthy leaves at the top. Dip the cutting into Yates Clonex Purple Root Hormone Gel which will help in the striking process. Have your pots filled with Yates Seed raising Mix and and carefully place each cutting into the mix. You can place several cuttings in the one pot if you wish, if you have a large pot, or you can place a cutting into an individual pot. Water in gently and put a name on the pot so you know what cuttings you have taken. You can then place your cuttings in a shady spot that receives filtered light away direct sunlight. Check the moisture level in the pots each day and don't allow the soil to dry out. Roots will begin to form over a period of time and will soon fill the pots. Once you notice new growth appearing and the cutting is firm in the pot, you can then transplant into larger pots or into a postion in the garden.



Answered: 16 Oct, 2019

We also plant seeds in the heads of gardeners

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