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How do I propagate my paulownia tree?

i have a paulownia tree and i wish to propagate from it could you help me

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Hi Michael,

Paulownia plants can be propagated from seed or from stem and root cuttings. Although trees grown from seed are reported to have better early root development and to be less susceptible to heartwood rot, they vary in growth rate and form. The most common propagation method, to produce uniform trees of known parentage, is to take cuttings from superior parent plants. Root cuttings are more commonly used than stem cuttings because they strike more reliably. Tissue culture is sometimes used for cloning superior trees, and for propagating disease-free material for export across quarantine boundaries. Root cuttings can be taken from young plants, or from mature trees. Sections of root 15 cm long and 1 to 4 cm in diameter are planted vertically in pots, in nursery beds, or directly into the field during winter dormancy.



Answered: 15 Jan, 2019

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