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Can I transplant correas?

I have started a hedge of correas that I would like to shift about 3 meters. Is it possible to transplant them? Soil is mostly clay with a mix of manure and top soil.

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Hi Cheryl,

Correas prefer a well composted soil with good drainage. You will need to improve the soil if it is clay in texture. Applying a 'clay breaker' product such as gypsum will help to break up the clay particles making the soil more friable. Most native plants resent being moved once they are established. If they have to be moved, prepare the area first where they are being transplanted to. Take as big a rootball as you possible can and try not to disturb too much of the existing roots. Once transplanted, water in well with a seaweed solution and continue to do so until you see signs of the plant settling in.



Answered: 18 May, 2015

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