Can I propagate mandevilla from adult plants?

Can I propagate mandevilla from adult plants.I'm new to gardening.


30 March 2014 07:03 AM

Hi Eddie,

You can certainly take cuttings from your mandevilla but it might be best to take the cutting in spring when the plant is actively growing. Take a 10cm length tip cutting from the lateral branches. Wrap up the cuttings in some moist cloth until you are ready to pot them up. Select a propagating mix with good drainage. To prepare the cuttings, remove the lower foliage leaving 2 or 3 leaves at the top of the cutting. Dip the cutting into some root hormone gel or cutting powder and gently place the cuttings into the prepared pots. Keep the soil moist and place the pots in a warm protected spot until the cuttings take root. You will then have lots of new little plants to give away for plant in other spots in your garden. Happy gardening.

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