Can I heavily prune an old (15yrs) Gevillia Robyn Gorden without killing it ?

It's OLD and sprawling everywhere in the garden plot...It's difficult to get under it and pull the weeds and it has a lot of dried dead small branches, which dont look very nice. I would like to cut the lower branches away and maybe plant something underneath. Tahnks in advance for any suggestions . Cheers


20 August 2011 04:41 AM

Dear Doug,

Your 15 year old Grevillea Robyn Gordon had done very well to get to 15 years old and still be growing strongly. This species is more shrub like and responds well to an annual prune. You can certainly prune it back by 1/3 now and remove all the dead branches that are criss-crossing in the centre of the shrub. You can then prune back again at the end of summer/autumn to maintain this compact shape. I don't think this particular special lends itself to being pruned from underneath to form a trunk. Perhaps after you prune your grevillea into the shape you want and then mulch around the base of the plant to make it look attractive and more appealing.

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