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Why do my gerberas have powdery mildew

The powdery substance seems to slowly cover the leaves and flowers causing them to die off prematurely. In the worst situation it kills the plant off. Is there something I can treat them with to cure this problem?

Flowers and Ornamentals • Diseases

Dear Craig,

Yates do have a product that you can spray on gerberas and other ornamental plants to control powdery mildew. It is called Fungus Gun. This product contains a systemic fungicide (Myclobutanil) that it is absorbed into the plant's system and translocates around the plant to control fungal diseases. When you spray, ensure that the foliage is completely covered. Spray when new shoots emerge or at first sign of disease. You may need to repeat the spray at 7-10 day intervals to get the problem under control. Also check that the position they are growing in is well drained and that the plant receives ample amount of sunlight.



Answered: 12 Oct, 2019

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