Why are the new shoots of my costus (red tower ginger) suddenly dying?

Up until June 2014 these Costus?barbatus have been growing well and flowering all year. No new shoots have survived since. Well drained, well watered, full sun, regular applications of liquid fertiliser and tonic. Location Mosman, Sydney. They are the main attraction in my beautiful tropical courtyard but look yellow and tired at present. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks


09 October 2014 03:02 AM

For their establishment, Costus require a fair amount of water but once they're settled, they'll need very little. The new shoots of your ginger may have received too much water over the cooler months and this may have caused them to rot. If this isn't the case, is there any evidence of borer? Ginger plants are particularly susceptible to borer attack. Look for entrance holes in the stems, these stems will have to be removed and placed in the bin - they shouldn't be left in situ.

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