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Why are parts of my laurel hedge stunted and woody?

The whole hedge was planted at the same time. Parts of it are very healthy (especially on the Southern side along the house.) I live in the Southern Highlands NSW. (Bundanoon). The soil was a very hard clay to begin with. They should be a hardy plant but after 10 years of trying I feel I will have to rip it out. What would be the best fertiliser for 1 more attempt. Cheers Nick

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Hi Nick,

Perhaps the stunted growth is due to the hard clay soil. If the roots are unable to penetrate the soil, it will make it difficult for the plant to establish itself and it will struggle. You may find by using a soil wetter, this will help the situation. Yates have a product called Waterwise Soil Saturator. The wetting agent in this product will help to channel the moisture and nutrients down to the root system helping to improve the structure of the soil and keeping the moisture around the roots. This product is available in liquid and also in granular form based on coir peat. With regard to fertilisers, we would suggest that you apply a product called Dynamic Lifter Plus Organic Plant Food. Mulch around your hedge will also help in retaining vital moisture. I am sure will a little care you will soon have your hedge growing strongly.



Answered: 24 Sep, 2013

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