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my son has a bismark large palm on the gold coast that is showing signs of dying new crown growth.

it was transplanted about a year or so ago and flourished. It is planted into the sand about 1 m above the water table but the recent floods will have caused this to rise will your anti rot assist this palm?

Flowers and Ornamentals • Diseases

Root rots are spread through water, and are favoured in water logged conditions. A signs of a root rot in palms is browning and wilting of the spear-leaf/youngest-leaf and the nearby leaves. If the issue has been caused by a phytophthera root rot, Yates Anti Rot Phosacid Systemic Fungicide will assist as a treatment. If waterlogged conditions are expected, we recommend using this product as preventative spray. 




Answered: 9 Apr, 2021

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