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Can I use Yates Leaf Curl to control rust on my snapdragons?

Should i try to pick off as many diseased leaves as possible and also given it's winter and Melbourne rains at random intervals, will the rain impact the effectiveness of a fungicide? Also any advice on how effective treatment is would be great - am i likely to get my plants back to their healthy state or is it just worth pulling them all out and planting something disease resistant?

Flowers and Ornamentals • Diseases

Hi Tania,

What a shame your snapdragons have been affected by the rainy weather that you have been experiencing in Melbourne as of late. Unfortunately this is the kind of weather fungal diseases such as rust is able to take hold and infect plants. I still think it is worthwhile saving them at this stage. Removing the badly affected leaves would be a good idea. Treating the plants with a systemic fungicide would certainly help. We would suggested spraying either the Yates products Fungus Gun, Yates Rose Shield or Rose Gun Advanced. One of the active ingredients in these products is called myclobutanil. This fungicide is absorbed into the plant's system and is translocated around the plant to control disease. Hopefully it will stop raining so you will have a chance to treat your snapdragons. Repeat the spray every 14 days to keep any fungal problem under control. If you find you are not winning the battle, snapdragons can still be planted at this time of year. You may have to purchase some little seedlings at your local nursery. I wish you good luck.



Answered: 25 Jul, 2014

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