Yates is awarded Australia's Most Trusted Garden Brand

Trust has become an increasingly precious commodity in our lives. And our trust is always being tested.

The annual survey of Australia’s Most Trusted Brands – published exclusively in Australian Reader’s Digest – reveals the organisations, products and services that enjoy a truly special bond with the public.

This is not a reader survey – but a fully commissioned, independent poll involving a cross-section of more than 2,400 Australians. Conducted by leading agency Catalyst Research, the results are published exclusively in Australian Reader’s Digest.

“Trust is essential and hard earned, sometimes across generations, and can translate to all-important profits and jobs,” notes Australian Reader’s Digest Managing Editor, Louise Waterson. “The rise of social media, and its ability to take word-of-mouth endorsements to a whole new audience, has also introduced an interesting new dynamic to the importance of keeping customers happy and satisfied.”

Yates attended the inaugural event and was delighted to learn that we won Australia’s Most Trusted Garden Brand for the third year in a row. At Yates, we pride ourselves on helping consumers every day in the garden to get the best results. We’re more than just garden products – we have a FREE horticultural service to provide advice and assistance, a fabulous Garden Club community and a wonderful group of gardeners who talk to us daily on Facebook and share their stories.


We love gardens, whether its pot or pasture, balcony or backyard, we love them all. We love the first strawberry, fresh cut lawns, straight cut hedges, ladybugs and butterflies.
We love dirty hands, the smell of manure, kinked hoses and thorny roses. We love the planting, pruning, weeding, watering, feeding and the fulfillment. We love seeing something grow from nothing. we believe the garden is a magical place.

We invite you to grow so much more than a garden and let us help you on your journey.