GeoChick's Yates Uplift Flower Growing Challenge Spring 2011

GeoChick is growing Marigolds, Cottage Garden Mix in Sydney and has 2 posts. Previous growing challenges: Autumn Vegie Growing Challenge


Getting the garden ready...

GeoChick is talking about growing Cottage Garden Mix from Sydney

In the last challenge, we grew some brocolli - which have beautifully large green leaves, but no heads of anything... so I am assuming I have a green manure in at the moment... hopefully this next lot of plants will do better!

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Thinking about what to grow...

GeoChick is talking about growing Marigolds from Sydney

We are participating in the watermelon challenge for kids as well, so we are looking at companion planting for watermelons... any ideas?


I am assuming that most flowering plants will be good companions - as they will attr...

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