18 December <> What happened to Saturday?

"Bushy" Bobs Rustic garden <> is talking about growing Cottage Garden Mix, Cosmos, Marigolds, Nasturtium from Sunshine Coast


Weather: A bit confusing? Rain, sunshine, windy then overcast then rain again. is this what bthe weather man sez,, possible rain?


Maintance day Saturday. The wife had my morning booked with what she wanted done. BUT’ first i had to fix the new Yates lettice plants from being eaten by?? I think those pesky little green grass hoppers. it was up to the 2nd hand cloths shop, I bought an old mosquito net, then its home to put over the new lettice plants,, when I get home the wife gets up me for taking so long,,! then it was to plant some green manure in the spare patchs which wont be getting anything in them untill after we come home from our trip down south.

  • The wife come out & yells out!! have you done those jobs for me yet?? I yelled out! I sed NO,,, why not, she sed? I have been too busy,, I sed!
  • Well, the next thing was, I was up the side of the house making her a new ‘ROCK’ Garden, I sed to her, why another Rock garden?? the last you had, it died! the wife sed, she will look after this one.
  • She really doesn’t know I took my time so I could knock off & have  a rest in the arvo.

I was laying back having a great rest, the phone rings, Val will you get that, i’m resting my eyes.

  • My arvo rest was shattered! the only mate I have wanted me to go with him & give him a lift with some metal shelving.
  • He did pay me!! 2 x stubbies of beer.
  • That was my days work for Saturday.

Sunday was a busy morning, A ware house up the road is closing down, so I  was busy up & back lotsa times in my motorised scooter with the bike trailer on getting heaps of good stuff,, man,, I can’t believe what some people throw away?? some stuff is brand new!. (another story later)


Added Photos.

Photo. 1 > This is the patch I have out new Yates Lettice plants, I have put this old mosquito net over it to stop the pesky bugs from eating them, it cost me $2.. from the 2 hang cloths shop.

Photo. 2 > This will be the wifes new ’Rock" garden, hopefully this one wont die.

Photo. 3 > The 2 nd lot of Yates zinnias plantd,. I may have had this photo on before, but, it now is starting to flower with little buds coming on.

Photo. 4 > This was the last patch of Yates Zinnias planted,, these are not yet starting to flowering.

Well! thats my Saturday & Sunday in & out of our Cottage garden.

The wife just come out & informed me that I was going to a movie!!

  • The wife bought 2 x tickets to go to a movie with her only friend, she was informed that the x-only friend hadn’t paid her for the ticket & now the x-friend can’t go. so not to waste the ticket,, I HAVE TO,, go.

Thats it for now, batterys going flat in the computer.

Cheerio Bushy & thw Wife…. Ripper gardening to every one.

 PS>>> I was only stirring about the wifes only friend,, she has hundreds of em. Bushy.