Yates Planting Month

Autumn is here, which is a great time to get out into the garden and get planting. We would love for you to join us this April for Yates Planting Month.

Tell us your secret autumn gardening tip, for a healthy, flourishing garden to go into the draw to win a Garden Lifter prize pack worth $1,500 and receive your FREE Yates Planting Month Guide. REGISTER BELOW. Prize includes a garden consultation with Angie Thomas, Yates Senior Horticulturist, gift voucher and Yates products

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Soil is more important than you think. It’s the foundation of life in your garden. It’s where your plants, vegetables and flowers flourish. There are more organisms in one teaspoon of soil, than there are people in the world!

But soil often needs a helping hand. Animals, plants and rain all take nutrients from our soil, which is why you have probably noticed your plants don’t seem very happy, when you rely on water and love alone…

Using an organic soil improver, like Yates® Dynamic Lifter®, helps create rich organic soil which holds more water and nutrients and encourages hard working earthworms and beneficial soil microorganisms. It also provides complete plant nutrition with organic slow release nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium for better root growth, stronger plants and more flowers and fruit.