Yates Uplift Organic Liquid Fertiliser

Yates Uplift Organic Liquid Fertiliser

A complete garden fertiliser with a unique formulation that harnesses the power of 5 beneficial ingredients to help your garden flourish


More than just seaweed!


  • Contains the following 5 growth boosting ingredients:
  • Fish, a natural source of organic nutrients
  • Seaweed, to boost plant health and root development
  • Bio-Activ™ beneficial soil microbial technology
  • Fulvic acid, to improve nutrient uptake and soil bioactivity
  • Natural wetting agent,to ensure nutrients filter readily down to the plant roots

What is Bio-Activ?

A beneficial soil microbe technology that unlocks and releases nutrients to plants. They rejuvenate soil bioactivity and help build healthy root systems for improved stress tolerance and superior growth.


Typical analysis (% w/v)*

TOTAL NITROGEN (N) as organic: 3.0%, TOTAL PHOSPHORUS (P): 0.3%, TOTAL POTASSIUM (K) as organic and sulfate: 1.8%, Calcium (Ca): 0.1%, plus various naturally occurring trace elements

*As the product is made from natural sources, some batch variation may occur.

How to use

Directions for use

Shake bottle well before use. Always dilute with water before applying to plants or lawns. Do not apply to foliage in the heat of day or if shade temperatures exceed 30 °C.

Note: 1 capful = approximately 30ml

Apply every 1-2 weeks to established plants or lawns when actively growing.

PLANT RATE (in 8L watering can) HOW TO APPLY
All plants in pots and garden beds 1-2 caps Apply over leaves and around base of plant to wet the soil. Use lower rate for sensitive plants. Covers 3-4m².
Large shrubs and trees 2-3 caps Apply over leaves and around base of plant to wet the soil.
Established lawns 2-3 caps Apply 8L of solution over 16 m² using a watering can with sprinkler bar attachment.

Handy Tips

  • To cover large lawn and garden areas use Yates Uplift Liquid Fertiliser Hose-on.
  • For seedlings, transplanting, new plantings and new lawns, use Yates Uplift Plant Starter & Root Booster until established, then feed with Yates Uplift Liquid Fertiliser concentrate as above.


Safety Directions

Avoid inhalation and contact with eyes and skin. The use of gloves and mask is recommended. Wash hands immediately after use.


Keep out of reach of children and pets. This product contains beneficial organisms. Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Avoid exposure to excessive temperatures. For best results use within 12 months of date of manufacture.


Available sizes

  • 500ml
  • 1L
  • 2L hose-on


Material Safety Data Sheet

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