Guide to Gardening

Indoor Gardening

We spend more time indoors in winter so this is a good time to think about your indoor plants and make sure they are happy.

  • Check that they have a good quality potting mix and pot. Thrive Premium Potting Mix contains Nutricote controlled release plant food which continues fertilising for months.
  • Yates Tuscan Pots are sturdy plastic pots in a stylish shape that are ideal for indoor plants. They have been designed by horticulturists to give plants the best growing conditions.
  • Feed indoor plants sparingly in the cold weather with Thrive liquid Concentrate Houseplant Food.
  • Aphids are some of the worst pests that bother indoor plants. Spray with Yates Insect Gun to control these pests and keep the leaves clean and free of dust. Remember that most flowering indoor plants are relatively short lived and should go into the compost when they’ve finished blooming.