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Controlling Weeds

Weeds are plants that are growing where they’re not wanted. Weeds can take any form and can vary depending on where they grow.

How to beat weeds

Guide to herbicides

Selective herbicides remove some plant types and leave others unaffected. They are mostly used to remove weeds from lawns.

Examples are:

Non-selective herbicides (also called total herbicides) kill every plant they contact.

Examples are:

Tips for applying herbicides

Tips for mulching

Shopping list

Autumn Winter Spring Summer
Spray Weed’n’Feed before weeds flower and seed. Start a compost heap to create mulch. Use Yates Winter Grass Killer to remove winter grass from lawns. Treat moss and algae with Zero Moss & Algae Gun. Treat lawns for bindii, clover and broadleafed weeds. Apply mulch to garden beds. Feed lawns to maintain good cover and keep weed from invading. Spray weeds with glyphosate.


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