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Answer: Hi Arvind, Thank you for contacting Yates, the plant looks like suffering from sunburn, it could due to lack of water, excessive sun exposure, extr...
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Answered: 08:46AM, 10 Feb 2017
Answer: Hi Anna, Thank you for contacting Yates, you can try Dynamic Lifter Organic Plant Food, which is a manure based organic fertiliser, and will provid...
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Answered: 01:32PM, 07 Feb 2017
Answer: Hi Shane, Thank you for contacting Yates, I believe the browning and leaf dropping is more likely watering related considering the extreme weather ...
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Answered: 12:00PM, 07 Feb 2017
John &...
Answer: Hi John and Liz, Dahlias are a Summer and Autumn flowering bulb and would be difficult to locate any stock at the current point in time. Due to qua...
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Answered: 10:10AM, 05 Feb 2017
Answer: Hi Amy, Thank you for contacting Yates. Yellow leaves on roses can indicate a nutrient deficiency. If you have not feed your plant recently then gi...
Answered: 12:09PM, 02 Feb 2017
Answer: Hi Paul, Thank you for contacting Yates, you can take semi hard wood cutting for Pittosporum, just dip the cut end into Yates Clonex Rooting Hormon...
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Answered: 01:43PM, 27 Jan 2017
Answer: Hi Jessica, Thank you for contacting Yates, the plant appears to be Celosia, a colourful annual. You can read more about the plant from the flowing...
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Answered: 01:48PM, 27 Jan 2017
Answer: Hi Jaime, Thanks for contacting Yates. It looks like it is suffering from a bit of sunburn there. The hot days and the reflection from the hard sur...
Answered: 02:14PM, 27 Jan 2017
Answer: Hi Megan, Thank you for contacting Yates, the cutting does look like Hoya to me. You may try to plant it in well draining soil with climbing frame ...
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Answered: 01:18PM, 27 Jan 2017
Answer: Hi Jenny, Thank you for contacting Yates. The best time to trim your Grevillea is after it has finished flowering. This way it has more energy to p...
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Answered: 02:02PM, 27 Jan 2017